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A little late night post…

So, this post was supposed to happen HOURS ago but I just legit spent 2 hours trying to figure out how come my website’s homepage disappeared which was driving me absolutely bonkers. Now it’s 12:45am and I am slowly falling asleep but nonetheless I am watching The Nanny. Yes, the TV show from the 90s and yes after watching six consecutive seasons I’m 100% annoyed with her voice and can’t wait to be done the series. Give me Janice over The Nanny ANY DAY. (Another 90s reference, if you don’t get it then maybe you shouldn’t be reading this blog.)

I haven’t been watching as much TV as normal since the beginning of the pandemic and find it more relaxing and I get less headaches and I have been enjoying reading more often ! This is just a small reminder to take time for yourself in this crazy world because otherwise you will go mad.

That’s all for tonight folks !

Emily xoxo

A Little Bit of A Longer Post

Well here I am again. Hunkering down and writing again while I listen to the Office Ladies Podcast with Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer from the show The Office. If you haven’t seen The Office, what are you waiting for? It is HILARIOUS! For all you readers from Canada, it is still on Netflix! There was a momentary scare there when it was rumored it would be taken off January 1st of this year but it wasn’t! So get on that! If you don’t have Netflix, I’m not really sure what to tell you, either watch the DVDs or stream them illegally at your own leisure. It’s 2021, there’s a pandemic…most people have finished Netflix…what else do we have to do?

I’ll tell you what there is to do, read. I have always been a reader and the pandemic made me realize just how little I read. I have a Goodreads account which is an app/site to keep track of what you’re reading and they have reading challenges where you set your reading goal for the year. They also give you a resume of all of the books you read in a year and in 2020 I only read 10 books. That is less than one book a month and as a lover of reading I was okay with that. I was okay with that until I noticed on my Bookstagram (an Instagram account all about books, yes that exists and yes I have one) that some people’s reading challenges were to read above 100 books in the year. I guess a lot of people don’t watch a lot of TV. I tried to reduce my TV watching last year, which I did sometimes and other times I did not. I decided that in 2021 I will read 15 books, that will be my reading challenge, five more than last year. I have already finished two books.

Late last year, a girl I met in university, started a book club and I couldn’t have been more excited to join it. One time, one of my close groups of friends (we call ourselves SCAJEEJ, the first initials of all our names) tried to start a book club amongst ourselves. Our first book was “Murder House” by James Patterson, which I believe only 3 out of 7 people read during the designated time and we never had our meeting. Since we are a bunch of lushes, I bought us each wine glasses from Indigo that year that said “My book club only reads wine labels.” We all had a good laugh but never read another book together again so I jumped at the chance to join a book club I would actually participate in. So far I am loving it, and I will be adding book reviews onto this blog for your information and enjoyment. I will be able to give more in depth reviews on here than on my Bookstagram account so I am excited for that.

I am interested in a lot of different things so those things will all reflect in here whenever I feel like it. I am also really into photography, I did some photography on the side for a bit which was very enjoyable but when your close friends and family just expect you bring your camera everywhere and take professional looking photos for free, it’s kind of disrespectful in my honest opinion that I should be doing something worth money for free just because you are my close friend or family member. I guess I am not bitchy enough to be in the photography business. That being said I have not updated my photography page in almost a year and I got really sad about that, so this year I will be adding photographs on here as well as on my photography page. I spent so much of 2020 mentally drained and tired that I couldn’t even create anything so I think this is why I’m bursting to create stuff these days. I have this blog now and four Instagram accounts haha so I think my plate is full, and hopefully you will enjoy all of this and maybe I will inspire you all to do that creative thing you’ve wanted to do but never did.

Happy Friday Y’all!

My First Post!

Well here it is, my first post! I decided to restart blogging after a four year hiatus. I deleted my other blog because I was in a really bad place and like who wants to read a depressing blog? Anyways, here you will have a bit of everything, I don’t like to limit myself to anything because that’s no fun! I am just writing because I enjoy it and journaling just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Also we are in a pandemic and there is nothing else to really do. I hope you enjoy what is expressed here and that you are entertained!