A little late night post…

So, this post was supposed to happen HOURS ago but I just legit spent 2 hours trying to figure out how come my website’s homepage disappeared which was driving me absolutely bonkers. Now it’s 12:45am and I am slowly falling asleep but nonetheless I am watching The Nanny. Yes, the TV show from the 90s and yes after watching six consecutive seasons I’m 100% annoyed with her voice and can’t wait to be done the series. Give me Janice over The Nanny ANY DAY. (Another 90s reference, if you don’t get it then maybe you shouldn’t be reading this blog.)

I haven’t been watching as much TV as normal since the beginning of the pandemic and find it more relaxing and I get less headaches and I have been enjoying reading more often ! This is just a small reminder to take time for yourself in this crazy world because otherwise you will go mad.

That’s all for tonight folks !

Emily xoxo

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