Your Call Is Important To Us, Please Stay On The Line…

Do you guys ever randomly get stuck on the phone with some institution that you would rather not talk to for like two hours? Here I am, minding my own business, seeing if my phone bill payment went through and there is a balance that is abnormally high on it. Upon further investigation, I see that NETFLIX had been charged to my phone bill. NETFLIX. What in the actual fuck? Why would a streaming service be charged to a phone bill? So, after live chatting with my phone company, then calling Netflix WHILE on live chat with the phone company, then calling Netflix back again because Rogers was saying it was Netflix’s fault that I was being charged even though my phone and Netflix was not linked WHATSOEVER. Finally Rogers refunded me but they are saying it might be a fraud so I changed my passwords and stuff but like it’s so annoying to deal with surprise charges from random bullshit. One time I renewed my contract with Rogers where you get Spotify Premium free for year and they started to charge me for it. I had to call them every month for three months. It was super irritating. Honestly sometimes I wish I didn’t have a phone, less problems and less cost.

I actually started to read a book called 24/6 about a family that unplugs one day a week and I think I will try to do that. No phones, no screens at all, nothing. I’m trying to be less and less on my phone and more and more doing other things and while I feel like it’s working, sometimes it amazes me how I get lost in my phone. Not for long, but sometimes it’s like 20 minutes and I’m just like, where did the time go? Imagine how much time we waste on screens. It’s pretty scary don’t you think? I’m even on a screen now, writing this. We just need to make more time for things not involving screens. I am 100% down to try putting my phone down, when I do it now, sometimes I don’t even realize it’s not there unless I want to know the time. I’ll need to get my watch battery fixed I think…. Stay tuned to see what happens!

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