Monthly Archives: June 2021

It’s Almost Summer!!!

So, it’s June and a lot has been going on around here. I know a lot of people read my book reviews and I’ve been slacking with all kinds of posts and I’ve just been out and about living life as well as I was getting severe migraines and dizziness and therefore was trying to not go on screens a lot and here we are three months sans post.

First of all, in May it was my birthday and I tell you, it’s definitely weird having a covid birthday, not once but twice and not really doing anything. It’s a weird thing because I mostly had quiet birthdays both times when usually I do dinner and drinks. This year’s birthday was different because 2 new people were in my life that weren’t in my life last year. My boyfriend and my niece. Marvin always makes me feel loved in all the ways he can and he’s super cute about it. He knows what I love and actually went above and beyond and got me a gift certificate to the spa and we went to his cottage for some well deserved time off and to celebrate our 1 year anniversary as well which was at the end of May. Hurray for covid romances hahaha. Then there’s my niece who is the cutest child ever and I am so proud and happy to be her Zia. It’s been refreshing to have a baby in our lives this past year even though we haven’t been able to see her all that much. I’m happy that restrictions are starting to lift and we will be able to spend more time with her. She waved at me and said Hi to me on Sunday and I almost cried. She’s 9 months and I am so amazed by the little person she is already!

In other news… the HABS have made it to the semi finals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. As a crazy fan, I couldn’t be more happy and excited. We beat the Leafs and the Jets and now we’re in the semis against Vegas!! Now the bars and restaurants are opening and it will be nice to go out and watch games hopefully until they win the cup! They have also placed and giant Budweiiser Buzzer in front of a Cage au Sports downtown that I NEED to see. Honestly these playoffs are giving me so much life right now!! I really hope they make it all the way! This Habs fan will be VERY happy!! GO HABS GO!!!

Hopefully more exciting things will go on now that the city is more open but until then, go outside and enjoy yourselves and see your friends and family!