Monthly Archives: January 2022

New Year, Same Me

Well here we are, 2022. Anyone else feeling like the new year doesn’t have any significance? It’s always about new beginnings but we are all stuck in the same Hell these days. Where I live, we are back in lockdown I guess you can call it. We have a curfew from 10pm to 5am and all restaurants and bars are closed. It’s so sad. I miss going out, I miss my friends. I think we are all fucking fed up. I have made a few Goals for 2022 for this blog at least and so I will share them with you all now.

Blog Goals 2022

  • Post a life update at least once every two weeks. I’ve been actually blogging a lot more on here than on my last blog which is saying a lot because I barely post on here. I want to be creative and I love writing even though my life is pretty boring at the moment… I should have done writing at school. Sometimes I feel I missed my calling in a lot of life aspects but alas here I am, blogging about nothing at 34 years old in the spare room of the house I share with my mom.
  • Interact with more blogs. I realized I follow blogs and some people are so nice to follow me, but I haven’t really been interacting with anyone on WordPress which makes me feel like a huge bitch because the least I can do is read and comment on other people’s blogs. Like, who do I think I am?
  • Post book reviews regularly again. I have been reading a shit ton of books and haven’t posted many reviews on here, I need to get on that so badly. In 2021, I read 53 books. I don’t even know if I have 10 reviews on here. I need to organize my schedule better in order keep up with everything. I have bought a book planner which is massive and has room for so much life stuff in addition to my book stuff so I’ll start planning my blog in there.

As for anything else, I’m not really sure yet, but that sounds like a good start for me. I started watching Laguna Beach. Yes the exact TV Show you’re thinking about. I’m thinking about starting to write reviews about reality shows as I have many thoughts. I have never been one to watch reality TV but the pandemic has brought it out of me. I’ve watched all the seasons of The Circle, Too Hot To Handle and season one of Tiger King. It’s so bad but I can’t help myself. We will see how long this lasts. I look forward to all these fun things!