Monthly Archives: March 2022

Spring is Just Around the Corner!

It seems I start all my blog posts the same way. I am failing at keeping up with this blog as much as I wanted to. I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions but I set a few goals. So far, I ‘ve failed at blogging once a week and making a new recipe each month. Maybe this month I can make 3 new recipes and then that would at least catch me up there lol. I think that I just need to make an actual schedule about what to do when and then I would get more things accomplished.

If anything, Daylight Savings is not helping. Last night Marvin and I went to the Habs game and even though we lost, we had a fun time! The only part that sucked was that Marvin had to work today at 6am and the game went into shootouts. When we got home Marvin realized he forgot his meds at home and so I woke up at the same time as him and drove to his house to get them and bring them to him at work. Then I went back home and slept for 4 hours. I never do that. Now I can’t seem to kill this exhausted feeling, it is very frustrating. I also feel bad for Marvin because he’s working a 12 hour shift today.

I’m going to have a coffee and get some things done! Short but sweet today folks, I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!