Monthly Archives: September 2022

New Passion Alert!

Okay sooooooooooo I had originally wanted to post yesterday but I ended up going out to this massive plant shop and now, I’m obsessed. My coworker gave me my first three plants and yesterday I bought my first plant and my boyfriend even bought me one so now I have FIVE PLANTS. I’ve always loved flowers and plants but now that my boyfriend and I are living together, we needed some plants of our own. I guess really they are mine but maybe he will take care of them too.

I actually have a lot to say about this newfound hobby. FIRST….did you know there is such a thing as PLANTSTAGRAM!?!?! Before I created my Bookstagram, I didn’t know that existed either and now I am SUPER tempted to create a plantstagram but seriously I have 4 instagrams already and a fifth might be a little excessive. You’re probably reading this and going FOUR. Yes, FOUR. My personal one, a photography one, a food one with my boyfriend that he INSISTED we make to show what we eat but he never posts to it and my bookstagram. There’s just something I like about keeping all my things and posts separate. I wonder if anyone I know has a plantstagram. I can tell you most definitely I will have a page dedicated to my plants on here that’s for sure! I already joined a few plant Facebook groups and am excited and scared to dig in! Pun intended! There are also a few books I saw online about planting and plants and I will eventually read those. I love when all my hobbies come together!

Do any of you reading this like plants? Any tips or tricks for someone just starting out with plants? Please let me know!

Fall is Calling!

Hey guys, it’s me Emily! Do you even remember me? Just kidding, of course you do! It may have been awhile but here I am! It’s been a long a busy few months, but I’m hoping to actual create some form of structure in my life once and for all and soon enough maybe you’ll even get sick of reading my blog about nothing so far haha. I know I say this every time I post but this time, I’ve joined a group on Bookstagram ( this is an Instagram community for book lovers if you didn’t know) to support fellow bloggers and I’ve already been feeling so inspired to write! I think my main problems are that I never really finish anything I start (except for books clearly) and that back in the day I used to journal a lot. Also, my boyfriend made me a desktop computer because my laptop is pretty much dying a slow death and after over 10 years of not having a desktop, it’s a bit weird to not be able to grab my laptop and just write anywhere I want.

I hope that this time is different. I feel like I have a lot of things to say but don’t know how to organize my thoughts so they don’t come out all scrambled like most of my posts like this haha. Also, sometimes I think no one wants to hear what I have to say, but I need to remember that someone, somewhere wants to hear what you have to say so just friggen write it already. That goes for all you other people reading this as well! Just write whatever you want!

Hopefully I’ll be able to update more, I’m aiming to post about once a week. I already have some ideas of what to post about and can’t wait to share them with you. I hope you enjoy what I have to say and if not, I won’t be offended if you don’t keep reading. Not everything is for everything. One thing I need to be better at is keeping up with other people’s blogs. I don’t read them as much as I would like to but that will change!

I hope you’re all having a GREAT weekend! Until next time friends!