New Passion Alert!

Okay sooooooooooo I had originally wanted to post yesterday but I ended up going out to this massive plant shop and now, I’m obsessed. My coworker gave me my first three plants and yesterday I bought my first plant and my boyfriend even bought me one so now I have FIVE PLANTS. I’ve always loved flowers and plants but now that my boyfriend and I are living together, we needed some plants of our own. I guess really they are mine but maybe he will take care of them too.

I actually have a lot to say about this newfound hobby. FIRST….did you know there is such a thing as PLANTSTAGRAM!?!?! Before I created my Bookstagram, I didn’t know that existed either and now I am SUPER tempted to create a plantstagram but seriously I have 4 instagrams already and a fifth might be a little excessive. You’re probably reading this and going FOUR. Yes, FOUR. My personal one, a photography one, a food one with my boyfriend that he INSISTED we make to show what we eat but he never posts to it and my bookstagram. There’s just something I like about keeping all my things and posts separate. I wonder if anyone I know has a plantstagram. I can tell you most definitely I will have a page dedicated to my plants on here that’s for sure! I already joined a few plant Facebook groups and am excited and scared to dig in! Pun intended! There are also a few books I saw online about planting and plants and I will eventually read those. I love when all my hobbies come together!

Do any of you reading this like plants? Any tips or tricks for someone just starting out with plants? Please let me know!

1 thought on “New Passion Alert!

  1. britineppalove

    Okay I had no idea there was planstagram! But it makes sense haha there’s an instagram for everything it seems! I’ve become a bit of a plant collector too, though most of mine live outdoors/in the garden. I’m slowly sneaking them into the house but boyfriend isn’t keen haha (he won’t realise). I have a whole shelf in the library dedicated to my garden books – love that we have this in common! Fingers crossed you keep them all alive, but if not no big deal, you just start again 🙂
    As for tips – I have no idea what I’m doing, I just make it up as I go along. But a good quality potting mix will never go astray!



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