Monthly Archives: November 2022

It’s Definitely The Holiday Season

Do you ever feel like during the holidays, things really get busy? This year a lot of things are happening for me other than the holidays and I have been getting extremely overwhelmed at times even though I love the holidays haha.

First things first, in July, I applied for a new job and found out on Halloween I got the job. So, after 16 years at my current job I am moving on. I know, 16 years is a long ass time to work somewhere especially when you’re 35 years old. It’s actually super unreal and I can’t believe that next Thursday is my last day. I think I’m still in shock and it hasn’t registered that I won’t be there anymore but I am super happy about it. My first day at my new job is December 8th. I took a week off between the two jobs and I really need the break so I’m super happy about it! Can’t wait to get everything started!

During my week off I’m going away for a weekend with my two friends to New Hampshire! It will be so nice to finally get out of the country for the first time since February 2020. I can’t believe it’s been that long. I miss vacation SO MUCH. I was not one of those people that traveled during the pandemic (no judgement if you did, your life, your choice obviously) so this will be great, I plan on doing a lot of shopping because there is no tax in New Hampshire! I’m hope there’s some nice stuff there and for a good price! I will definitely be calculating the exchange rate ALL THE TIME. I really wish we had good shopping outlets here or way less tax! Alas a girl can dream! Very short update today but hopefully I will have time to post more things soon! If I’ll be working from home I’ll have way more time to write ALL OF THE POSTS ON HERE!